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These porcelain dolls are made in different shapes, sizes, ethnicities, and designs depending on your request. You send us a picture of the style you want for your doll and we replicate it to the best of our abilities. Whether you want to add the doll to your collection or to create a custom gift for the doll collector in your life, our custom dolls are the perfect choice.

Porcelain Dolls

Add a quality homemade porcelain doll to your collection.
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About Us

Inspiration to build her own business came long before the creation of Papillion Dolls in Tucson, Arizona. Back when our owner was a child, her parents would give her grandparents dolls as gifts around Christmas time. At the end of November, our owner would get her hair cut, which would then be used to make the hair on the dolls. They would then hand make different clothing to complete the doll. This practice was done once, every other year, and led to the owner falling in love with dolls and doll making.

Our owner has been making dolls for over 25 years, and for 15 years, she has been selling them to others to display in their homes. She used to take part in building and dressing much larger dolls until a customer in Phoenix suggested that she try making miniature dolls. She liked making them so much that she decided to change how she made her dolls.

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